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Library pass policy revised

Trisha Stichler

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Students at Bowling Green High School were alarmed when a sign made its appearance on the doors of the library that read “no pass, no library”. In the past, students were able to freely enter and exit the library without a pass, so long as they behaved and weren’t disruptive to other students using the library as well. This all changed this year when the librarian, Mrs. Sexton, chose to implement a new rule that prohibited the use of the library without first getting a pass from a teacher.

Students use the library for many reasons, some of these include printing, studying, doing research, and/or checking out books. Sexton approximated that nearly 500 students use the library every week now, although the number was much larger prior to implementing the new rule. The larger numbers in the past made it difficult for the students who needed to work to focus and be successful because, according to Sexton, “some people come to the library to socialize,” which ruined the environment she wants the library to have. The library is meant to be a quiet environment to help students focus and be successful in what they are doing. The “no pass, no library” rule was implemented in hopes of keeping the students who only came to socialize out, so they could not “disrupt the kids who are actually [there] to work.”

While it may be a frustrating change for some students, they are encouraged to understand the purpose of the new rule and the reason behind it. While every child should be able to work on what they please during their study hall hours, disrupting other students in the library is no longer an option. However, if students find that they have a true reason to be in the library, their teachers will be willing to give them passes.

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Library pass policy revised