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Drama club mural brings current members’ legacy to BGHS hallway

Skye Sloane, The Daily Bobcat Staff Writer

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In the past year, Bowling Green High School students and teachers have initiated various projects to help “beautify” the school. Practically everyone who’s attended BGHS this year has seen the progress on the fantastical large-scale mural in the cafeteria. In the cafeteria annex, too, there’s a new mural depicting the BG skyline.

But in the first-floor math and science hallway, to the right of the theatre studio, there is a third mural that has developed over the course of this year.

Captained by BGHS junior Angel Chapman, the mural features a large female figure touching the globe, with pulled-up red curtains on either end of the frame which mimic its a predecessor, the left-side mural that was painted in 2010.

“ (. . .) For the past several years we have concocted possible ideas, and then there never was a follow-through because we’re so busy,” Gonzalez said regarding the idea of a newer mural.

The old drama mural was, in Chapman’s words, “really dull and had really dull colors,” adding that “there just wasn’t a lot of interest going on.”

As such, Chapman said that, with the new design, she tried to “do a more stylized, updated connection” between the new and old pieces.

“One of the things that they wanted to do was find a way to connect that design with this design,” Gonzalez said. “They kept the curtains, they tried to maintain some the color scheme, there’s a quote that’s not up there yet by Lady Gaga . . .”

However, Chapman wasn’t the only one who had a hand in designing the new mural.

“Angel’s design was a version of what we have now,” Gonzalez said, “but with input from other people (. . .) and then additional students who’ve been in [the IE] have helped to shape, provide, and influence what is up there now.”

As Gonzalez implies, the devising process was very student-oriented. The mural had not one, but two IEs dedicated to it last year, and as one might expect, it has “gone through many, many reformations,” in Chapman’s words, since its inception.

The mural is expected to be done before the end of the year, and it will solidify the current drama club’s influence and impact in the halls of BGHS, demonstrating that this club is as much powered by the students as it is by any advisor.

In fact, Chapman’s own involvement in this mural was influenced the previous one, which her older sister helped paint when she was a student at BGHS.

“My sister did a lot with [the old mural],” Chapman said, “and since she was a big part of the drama department, I kinda wanted to do something.”

And Gonzalez knows well how the mural might impact future generations of students.

“I encouraged them to remember that this design is gonna live long past them,” she said. “They needed to find a certain universality to it.”

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The student news site of Bowling Green High School
Drama club mural brings current members’ legacy to BGHS hallway