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Why GPA?: A look into the measure of our academic success

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Grade Point Average (GPA)follows a student throughout all of high school. It is a reflection of how we did each year, what colleges focus on. But how much does it really show?

Grade Point Averages are found by adding the “points” earned in each class and dividing that amount by the number of courses taken. Bowling Green High School is on a weighted 4.0 scale; this means that you can achieve a score higher than a 4.0. A higher average can be gained by taking honors or Advanced Placement (AP) class and earning an “H” in the class. This weighted scale lets colleges and administration know that a student has challenged themselves in school.

When colleges get transcripts, they receive both weighted and unweighted GPAs from all over the nation. Colleges tend to look into the exact classes taken, whether they are regular, honors, or AP. Advanced Placement courses are normally seen as higher ranking because they follow a national curriculum, but honors varies more. It can be hard for future college students to compare their scores and or possible scholarship opportunities because of the difference of scales. Is it worth getting over a 4.0 if students from other schools can’t? And what are the disadvantages of time management over amount of high classes?

Not many other high schoolers are given the chance to take Honors instead of AP. This can be a good option for students who are advanced but not ready for college level classes. Honors courses tend not to benefit after high school where AP can travel into college credits. So does honors hurt our chances or help them? They are similar class styles but AP is much more widely accepted. At BGHS AP classes count for high school credit, count to college, and are on the weighted 4.0 scale.

One thing that our GPA counts toward while in high school is our class rank. At BGHS the top students become the student of the month based on their class rank.  The top student of the Senior Class becomes the first student of the month; the following month, the student with the second-highest GPA takes the position.  For every month that follows, the Student of the Month has the next-highest GPA of all the students in the senior class.  The class rank will also matter when applying to colleges as most will look at what “percent” you are in your class. This percentage will also matter for some scholarships.

It may not be the perfect way to score academic success because it does not account for all the extracurriculars a student can take, but it is a way to be seen compared to millions over the US. Although exact methods vary by school,  GPA is what represents your academic accomplishments over your four years.  For a high school student, our Grade Point Averages show a lot about our time here.

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Why GPA?: A look into the measure of our academic success