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BGHS graffiti wall; why it left and when it’s returning

Trisha Stichler

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“I thought it was a really creative idea where students who aren’t in art can participate in art,” three-year art student and Art Club officer at BGHS, Megan Carmen, noted about the graffiti wall. As many students noticed, the art program placed a sheet of white paper on one of the familiar billboards in the art hallway. By attaching a Sharpie to the board with string, the 2D art teacher, Lloyd Triggs, invited all students to draw whatever they pleased.

Triggs, who had given the students the permission to test out the graffiti wall, said that he wanted to “see students doing their own things and flexing a creative muscle,” and that his main goal with the graffiti wall was just to see more “creative expression” within the walls of Bowling Green High School.

Students who had participated in drawing small caricatures, little sketches, and large masterpieces on the wall were surprised when one day it was no longer there. When asked why the wall was removed, Triggs explained that “it was getting a little out of hand” and that “some drawings were being scribbled out, other things were being written on, and some people weren’t taking it seriously. At that point it wasn’t enjoyable anymore to look at, it was people’s names and things that were not school appropriate.” Beyond just being unappealing to look at, Triggs added that every square inch had been covered anyways, and it was simply time to replace it.

As for the future, Triggs is hoping to bring the idea of the graffiti wall back. He is in the process of brainstorming ways to keep it school-appropriate without asking students to constantly monitor and censor it. Despite the not very school appropriate pieces, Triggs and Carmen still believe it was a successful idea for the art program and that it made a positive impact on Bowling Green High School.

The students of Bowling Green High School should keep their eyes open to watch for a new (and improved) Bowling Green High School art wall to practice creativity with fun exercises and ideas that allow them to express themselves for anyone in the school to see.

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The student news site of Bowling Green High School
BGHS graffiti wall; why it left and when it’s returning