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Athlete of the Month: Noah Cotterman

Trisha Stichler

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Thoughtful, hard-working, and versatile. All these qualities were used to describe senior football player, Noah Cotterman. Noah was nominated by his coach to be The Daily Bobcat’s Exemplary Athlete for the month of October. Cotterman is the captain of the football team and also acts as a positive role model and mentor for other players as well as his peers at Bowling Green High School.

Cotterman is not only an outside linebacker and running back for the football team, but he was also voted team captain for this season. Cotterman’s coach, Dirk Conner, described Noah as “a great kid, and very good student,” and then stated that he is “exactly the type of kid we are building our football program on.” This, according to Conner, is because Noah sets himself up each and every day to be the perfect example of how any player should carry themselves on and off the field.

Early in the season, Cotterman helped to mentor other players on the team. Coach Conner said, “…Noah did a great job of mentoring some of our more inexperienced players and showing them what they should be doing on certain plays and in certain situations.” Noah helped younger players, and players who changed positions, better understand what their role was during the games. One player he worked with was junior linebacker, Nick Jackson. According to Jackson, Cotterman is “the hardest working kid” on the field, and “the epitome of a great captain”. Jackson explained how Noah was “so helpful” in his endeavor to become a better, more successful linebacker for the Bowling Green Bobcats. Other than just mentoring him, Jackson mentioned that Cotterman is a leader within the team, and sets all of the other players straight while always keeping “a smile on his face.”

Beyond just being an exemplary athlete, Cotterman also acts as a “quiet leader” and “exemplary student” within the classroom, according to calculus teacher, Mrs. Maggie Convery. She continued by explaining how he “leads by example,” that “he’s not necessarily in your face but he just does what he’s supposed to do and you know other people follow because they respect him and think that he is doing the right thing and they wanna do like he does.”

Cotterman is a hard-working, friendly, and versatile athlete, which all combined makes him a great leader within his sport. He pushes far past expectations, and he makes a name for himself as an “Exemplary Athlete” within our community.

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  1. Penny Adelman on October 23rd, 2016 8:58 pm

    Congratulations to my great nephew! So proud of you!!


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Athlete of the Month: Noah Cotterman