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Electronics in School

Jessica Beckford, The Daily Bobcat Staff Writer

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At the start of a new school year or semester as we enter our classes, we immediately get a syllabus for the class.  We are given a Google Classroom code and expected to check online for homework assignments, items to bring to class, etc. Along with that, most assignments are now asked to be turned in electronically. But what about the students without a phone, tablet, computer or even WiFi. What can they do?

At the beginning of the year, I had a smartphone but no Wi-Fi. I didn’t have a computer or any electronic device that was compatible with what I needed for school. Turning in assignments was extremely hard. I made a routine out of getting to school early to do school work. I would finish typing an essay or turn in a project on Google classroom before the school day even started. Sometimes I had to make daily trips to the county library to finish work.

During winter break, I received a tablet and a Chromebook for Christmas. My mom also turned back on our Wi-Fi. Now I can work on assignments from home and easily contact teachers when I need help, a privilege I wasn’t lucky enough to have at the beginning of the year.

Unfortunately, my experiences are not uncommon for many students; not everyone has the resources they need available to them. I believe the school should start a fund for students that need these devices.  They can receive a device for the school year to help them complete and turn in assignments. This can help students stay connected with the fast growing technology that is being brought into our education system.

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Electronics in School