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Bowling Green High School’s Peter and the Starcatcher Performance: A Success

Jazzy Johnson, The Daily Bobcat Staff Writer

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Disney’s original Peter Pan is a classic, but few people know the story of how Peter Pan was given his name and how he ended up on the island Neverland. Peter and the Starcatcher is a novel by Dave Berry and Ridley Pearson, then Rick Elice transformed the book into a play performed on Broadway.

Walking into the Performing Arts Center, I did not know what to expect. I was unsure of the theme and mood of the play. On top of that, the Bowling Green High School’s Drama Club was performing the show in the “round,” which I had never heard of.

IMG_1899 (1) (1)

A round, in a play, is when the performers and the audience are both on stage. The performers act in the middle of the stage while surrounded by their audience. There is an aisle on each corner of the stage so the performers can  make their way in and out of the center. It was a  unique experience to walk into the PAC through the stage doors and be only inches away from the performers. A round allows the audience to see and to hear the performers  up close and all around them, not just from the front. It reminded me of a surround sound 3D movie theater except the performers are all around you.

Watching the first couple performers come up on stage, the first thing I noticed was their costumes. They were chosen perfectly to fit the scene. Almost everyone was wearing boots, tattered clothing, and teased hair to finish off the pirate look.

Undoubtedly, the production was beyond hilarious. The humor was appropriate for many ages, as I was sitting beside two smaller children who looked about 5 or 6. The humor could make a wide variety of the audience laugh. In short, it was clear the humor hit everyone. It was also entertaining to watch the performers with multiple characters change between them so quickly and effectively. For example, Grempkin, Sanchez, Mack and Fighting Prawn were all played by Jacob Kielmeyer. It was amusing to see how well he switched his acting to fit the characters so well. I thought it was unique that the performers added modern jokes that appeal to high schoolers. One of my highlights was when pirates, lost children, and Molly (Elaine Hudson) whipped and dabbed.

IMG_1716 (2)

The most impressive part of the performance was the easy interaction the performers had with the audience. When the audience is so close to the performers, the audience feels like they’re part of the show. At one point, Peter, played by Logan Brown, looked straight at the children sitting next to me and sang to them. After he walked away the kids were so excited that “Peter” saw them. The performers maintained great eye contact with the audience even though we were so close. It proved that they are skilled and very confident on stage.


The Drama Club’s performance of Peter and the Starcatcher was beyond impressive. The costumes, humor, and the performers’ skills made the performance exciting and entertaining. I understood the story of how Peter Pan ended up on Neverland and how he received his name which was a little foggy for me before I saw the show. The Drama Club’s performance was so successful and I cannot wait to see what kind of success Footloose, the spring musical, brings.


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Bowling Green High School’s Peter and the Starcatcher Performance: A Success